StayTogether with LocateMotion – An Affordable IoT Solution

Affordable, simple, complete solution designed to take care of loved ones with Alzheimer, Dementia & Autism who are prone to wandering

Brief Description

An all-in-one, affordable and, simple to use solution designed to take care of loved ones who are prone to wandering or need support from time to time.

Stay Together with LocateMotion is proud to present an all-in-one affordable feature-loaded IoT solution initially in Canada and then expanded to global reach. In our solution we provide,

iOS and Android app, 3G/4G connectivity, GPS low power smartwatch, 30-day money back guarantee and after-sales support.

The key differentiation is that this is ONLY complete out of box and most affordable solution in the market today (FIRST GEN it is an IoT smartwatch but in future NEXT GEN would be any low powered Internet of things IoT devise like a pendant, wallet card etc.,) which has a Global IoT Nano-SIM or e-SIM (not regular wireless) that connects with the LocateMotion application 24/7 as long as it has cellular, Wifi or GPS coverage and does talk, track and care your loved ones.

This means it uses less power and data than a regular smartphone (3 days discharge with FIRST GEN solution while our SECOND GEN will be much smaller in size and will have 3-6 months discharge life and other capabilities). It will also have the capability to measure vital health stats like EKG, Sugar level etc., to ensure proactive health monitoring.

Our Mission Statement – Affordable all in one solution “Stay Together” — Anytime & Anywhere

Here is a one-page picture which explains the overall solution in a simple manner. Click below or view the photo gallery for a more detailed prototype video.

One page summary of how the solution works

Our Team, Story, and Vision

LocateMotion came to life through a stressful situation which our founder Nauman experienced, a situation familiar to many caregivers around the world. When he lost his son at the mall for the second time, he became restless and knew that there needed to be an easier way to get in touch with his son when he wanders.

Listen to Nauman tell his reason for starting LocateMotion . . .

Whether it be a child who gets easily distracted and lost or senior showing signs of cognition loss and symptoms of Alzheimer’s or Dementia, there needs to be a way to stay together.

Knowing that coping with these symptoms can be challenging, we developed an affordable all in one intuitive solution for families that support members who may have a disability. Our GPS & 3G/4G Wireless smartwatch and app allows families and caregivers to “stay together” with a loved one.

This “simple to use” one touch solution also provides your loved ones with the confidence, self-esteem, and peace of mind of knowing that assistance is always just a quick click away.

Our Highly Accomplished Team and Focused Advisory Board

Our STRONG Product, IoT, Big Data, AI, Healthcare MANAGEMENT and ADVISORY team is our biggest strategic advantage:

    • Nauman Jaffar, Founder & Hustler, View Bio 
    • Oren Chervinsky – Partnership Development Guru, View Bio
    • Israel Diaz – Chief Creative Guy, View Bio
    • Stephen Seifert, Digital Marketing & SEO Guru, View Bio 
    • Anurag Kumbhaj – Products Guy, View Bio

The amazing “blended” team at your service!

Blended management consulting, Big Data / AI / IoT PHDs and operational CEO, CIO, CCO at the Advisory Board Level:

  • Will Falk, Ex North-American Lead HealthCare PWC,  View Bio
  • Alister Campbell, Ex – CEO Zurich Insurance, View Bio
  • Saliq Khan, VP Imperial Capital, IoT, Smart Home, Security, View Bio
  • Dr. Imran Ahmed, Big Data / AI / Deep Learning, Lead at Canadian Immigration, View Bio

Our management and advisory board mission is challenging, but our vision is simple.

We will continually develop and design cutting edge solutions to help you maintain constant communication and care for your loved ones suffering from Autism, Alzheimer’s, or Dementia.

Caregivers Also Need Support
Adults often serve as caregivers for aging parents and must monitor their loved ones’ health and independence. Evaluating the situation from a caregiver’s perspective, they have a lot of things to worry about: • Are parents safe at home? • Are they just one click away to connecting in case of emergency? • Do they know how to get in touch if they get lost? • Are they moving around and taking care of themselves?

Sounds overwhelming . . . Right? LocateMotion is on a global mission to help us all Stay Together.

Vision Statement: It is “The Find Company” of the future that serves as a helping hand to those taking care of people, pets and things. In our journey (phase 1 focused on wandering people), we identified a major problem for caregivers. Their loved ones can Wander, and losing track of those with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism is a common fear.

We asked ourselves, “What’s worse . . . Fear or Wandering?”

Clearly, wandering is not necessarily harmful if it occurs in a safe and controlled environment. However, wandering can pose serious safety issues and sometimes puts loved ones in life-threatening situations.

Vision Statement – of future

Vision 2020

With this vision, LocateMotion began looking for a convenient all-in-one easy to use, yet affordable solution that provides basic features for those most vulnerable. LocateMotion GPS and 3G/4G wireless wearable watch and app help locate, see, talk, monitor, geofence, and offers health and wellness support 24/7 to your loved one in real time, anytime and anywhere. solution explained In our journey and as caregivers ourselves, we identified wandering or getting lost as a common fear among caregivers.

In fact, 3 out of 5 people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism wander, and some never return. Close to 700,000 went missing in the U.S. alone in a single year. This is a sobering reminder of why staying together is essential to a caregiver’s role and stress-filled responsibilities.

Prototype Solution Features

The LocateMotion Prototype Solution:

  • Intuitive GPS Tracking Watch and App with 3G/4G Wireless Connectivity backed by 24/7 technical support
  • Keeping You and Your Loved Ones Together, Anytime and Anywhere Smart Watch
  • Remotely controlled by App SmartWatch and App Features

The features of the watch are explained in the detailed videos Download, Initial Registration and start making SOS calls which can be found below and also in the photo gallery (prototype) and also on the LocateMotion YouTube Channel.

Other prototype Features

See below for details on each unique features:

LocateMotion Features

1. SOS & Calling Device comes with an inbuilt 1-touch emergency button to contact priority caregivers by making a call and a text with the location of where the SOS was called by connecting to a 3G / 4G network via SIM card. incoming call.

Incoming & SOS Call

2. Activity Scheduling & Remote Camera Yes you can remotely take a picture from your application to ensure the surrounding of the loved one – Add reminders or set alarms for daily appointments and medicine regimes to keep your loved ones on track of their activities and routine. Set a schedule for the watch remotely using our app!

Remote Camera

3. Geo-Fencing Set geo-fence alerts to notify you whenever the device enters and leaves a designated area. Get a signal from the watch’s inbuilt GPS tracker from anywhere using our Android/iOS app. Geo-fence


4. Smart Power Consumption Our watch minimizes battery consumption by using only the few necessary optimized apps and intermittently sending location data to our servers. Our watch lasts 2-3 days on a single charge. We are working on technology to improve this even further to months in future generation product release.

5. Lite Waterproof Can withstand day to day use, so you don’t have to worry about taking it off to wash your hands or take a shower. The less often they take it off, the less chance they’ll forget to put it back on! 5. Remote Camera can be accessed through the watch to take fun selfies, or take a snapshot remotely using your device’s camera to quickly check up on your loved one. This is a unique feature that allows you to discreetly obtain peace of mind without disturbing the wearer. camera on the watch – remotely take pictures from app take picture from app

6. Voice Messaging & Remote Audio With LocateMotion you can send voice messages to and from the watch in an audio chat log with the caregiver. You can also make a silent call to the device using your authorized cell phone or landline and start listening to the surroundings on the remote end.

7. Location History Use the online dashboard to query location history back in time to precise road points or track the live location of Locate Motion device. With our advanced telemetry platform sit back and let Locate Motion gives you that extra peace of mind.

8. And Much More!

The device includes additional HEALTH features including:

• An accelerometer and pedometer to count steps, distance traveled and calories burned • A sensor that tracks patterns of turnover in sleep

• A memory game to assist mental strength

• The ability to “Send love” through the app to let the wearer know you care! various features We aspire to provide dignity and respect for everyone We understand the need for dignity and respect for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Autism.

Bottom line – Our smartwatch and app provide the perfect assisted care without hampering the independence of your loved one.

The unique smartwatch we designed appeals to the wearer for many reasons, like an activity tracker to monitor health, a schedule to stay on track, and even a memory game to improve mental health.

With a basic front camera (video camera with 4G / LTE coming soon) to take pictures remotely and a sleek design, it is the perfect gift for grandparents who are interested in a modern touch of fashion. How Our Innovative Smartwatch and App Works

See more detailed videos in the photo gallery of the prototype with both app and watch solution and how it works together.

The Caregiver Watch can be tracked, controlled and monitored remotely via the LocateMotion app from anywhere using GPS & 3G/4G wireless connectivity With LocateMotion you can locate loved ones and monitor their activity 24/7. The Caregiver Watch is an extremely intuitive / simple and affordable IoT device that operates using 3G/4G, Wifi, GPS & GPS Assist technologies.

The GPS location is calculated by the LocateMotion device based on different satellite calibrations with key location insights sent to our data center using cellular network technology, all built into the device. Data is sent home every few minutes, displayed on your online dashboard.

More details of the Prototype solution can be found on the “LocateMotion” YouTube Channel and see below and in the photo gallery for an unedited version of the prototype working with the application and the hardware. Please do not forget to subscribe.

Watch this video and website for details on the amazing support, FAQs, 24/7 chat, 1800 number we are offering even for trial launch.

Our Competitive Advantage

There are three things that stand out for us as compared to our competition besides the strength, experience, and expertise of our management and advisory team (see gallery slide for more detail comparison with some of existing GPS/GSM solutions)

1. All in one (out of box) most affordable price with ultimate convenience and an end to end solution which includes connectivity via GPS, Canadian / US 3G/4G wireless and existing / future low data usage / longer battery options (no solution comes close to our feature set and price range offered) – see for trial pricing of prototype solution at heavy discounted price.

2. Data Assurance with the privacy of your data (location, health etc.,) within North America – the server and data is hosted in North America and follows HIPAA and security regulations – the website is also SSL encrypted

3. Technical after sales support with lifetime warranty to help you with any questions via chat email, FAQs, 1-800 number and social media responses.

And finally, your support matters to all of us and every contribution counts

The funding we raise at Kick starter will be used to

Where will we use these pledges

1. Test the trial prototype with actual deserving patients and caregivers to solicit feedback/improvements

2. Use feedback and make product improvements to the trail solution (like improving features, look and feel, glitches etc.,)

3. And finally, do controlled market MVP (minimum viable product) launch in Canada and US with potentially global reach in the year 2018

We then plan to raise Angel & VC Investment for moving the phase 2 (global, extend use cases etc.,) of this solution. It’s surprisingly expensive to produce just one of something.

Your pledge will help cover the initial costs of technology and device development. Additionally, the cost of manufacturing only becomes feasible when we meet the minimum order requirements for our various vendors. This means that we must have a certain number of LocateMotion solution sold before we can begin the process of manufacturing them.

In the end – Thank you from all of us here at LocateMotion for your consideration

Risks and challenges

The LocateMotion project is primarily a software and platform company but will require managing device manufacturers and solution integration providers initially to build a brand and to deliver the final solution (hardware plus software). In near future with the spike in IoT low powered devices expected in 2018 with open standards – we expect this to be reduced (our dependency on hardware).

Our parent company, MarkiTech has experience dealing with these potential challenges from our previous start-up venture and over 45+ successful product launches among partners like: Your Doctors Online (, which experienced some launch delays, because of the nature of ambiguity associated with healthcare related products and services.