Tech Devices Provide Senior Care and Needed Caregiver Support

Caregiver burnout, stress, and constant senior care monitoring can take its toll on families. However, innovative tech devices, like wearable technology and smartphone apps are making a positive impact on quality in-home care.

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34 Million American Caregivers Provide Unpaid Senior Care

Did you know that over 34 million Americans provide unpaid senior care to a loved one 50 years of age and older? This is just one of the many alarming caregiver statistics.

People are generally living longer, but that doesn’t mean they are living independently. Caregivers growing in numbers as family members age and become the center of needed care.

Do you send your loved one to a care facility? This is an option, but an expensive one. Depending on the care facility and senior care needed, you could be paying over $60,000 to keep your loved one safe.

But there are other options. The rise in tech devices geared toward keeping elderly loved ones in-home, safe, and independent longer has become a very viable option. Not only can caregivers monitor health, but also ensure loved ones do not become a victim of wandering.


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About 60 Percent of People with Alzheimer’s are Prone to Wandering

Wandering is when a loved one, senior or child with cognitive impairment wanders off into potentially dangerous situations. The rate of wandering in people with Alzheimer’s disease is approximately 60 percent, roughly three million people wandering per year.

GPS Watches and senior care monitoring apps give caregivers support and time to breath. There are a number of GPS devices available to caregivers, but not all are created equal.

Innovative Tech Solutions Prevent Wandering

To get the most out of senior care support, you should find a GPS watch with iOS and Android app compatibility. This allows you to track, monitor, and locate your loved one if they wander, or are in need of emergency help. Our Caregiver Watch does this with features like:

  • SOS button alert
  • Chat capabilities
  • Voice messaging
  • Geo-fencing
  • Built-in camera
  • 2-day battery life
  • Health monitoring
  • Remote listening
  • And more

The Caregiver Watch is also a sleek timepiece that allows loved ones keep dignity among peers. Give them the respect and added independence they want and deserve while giving yourself peace of mind and less stress.

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