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Your Comprehensive Solution to Remote Patient Monitoring

Seamlessly integrate Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) into your practice without any added burden. SenSights.AI delivers a comprehensive platform with RPM  software, medical assistance, and patient engagement, ensuring adherence to care plans and maximizing Medicare billing effortlessly. SenSight’s team does all the legwork for your practice, allowing you to focus on patient care, practicing at the top of your license.

Simplify Your Practice, Maximize Patient Outcomes & Improve Patient Retention
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Data-Driven Decisions for Better Patient Outcomes

SenSights.AI provides EMR-integrated Comprehensive Patient Analytics with simplified dashboard-ready patient data, trends, and valuable insights. With predictive analytics, personalized treatment planning, and visualizations, you can make efficient data-driven decisions to manage chronic conditions with RPM, CCM, and RTM. Our platform empowers you to deliver comprehensive care tailored to each patient’s unique needs, ensuring improved health outcomes and enhanced patient satisfaction.


Medicare Reimbursement Per Patient/Month


Hospital Readmission Reduction


Patient Satisfaction Increase

From Monitoring to Reimbursement

Reduced Clinical Effort

SenSights.AI simplifies clinical workflows, minimizing staff burnout and optimizing efficiency. Our platform offers end-to-end solutions, from onboarding to billing, with 24/7 medical assistants and proactive monitoring support. With seamless device connectivity and rapid EMR/EHR integration, SenSights.AI reduces training time and integrates smoothly into existing systems. Specialized disease management tools for conditions like diabetes and hypertension enable tailored care delivery. By automating tasks such as patient monitoring, data analysis, and reporting, SenSights.AI frees up valuable time for clinicians to focus on delivering high-quality care and building strong patient-provider relationships.

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From Monitoring to Reimbursement

Timely Proactive Interventions

Our dedicated team of medical assistants and nurses provides 24/7 monitoring, ensuring timely interventions and support in alignment with your care plan. From monitoring patients to engagement and education, our team ensures continuous care under your supervision. Benefit from our expert technical support and smooth onboarding processes, empowering your team to utilize our platform effortlessly for improved patient outcomes. Our platform seamlessly integrates with your Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and offers integrated virtual care solutions, including RPM and telehealth, to optimize clinical workflows and alleviate staff burnout.

From Monitoring to Reimbursement

Improve Patient Engagement

At SenSights.AI, we prioritize patient engagement, starting with personalized onboarding. Our approach involves hands-on training sessions, ensuring patients receive tailored guidance to manage their health effectively. We provide clear and comprehensive guidelines on vital readings, empowering patients to establish a routine for regular monitoring. Our user-friendly application simplifies the process, providing an intuitive and easy-to-use toolset. By guiding patients every step of the way, we promote active participation in their care journey, fostering habits that lead to better health outcomes.

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From Monitoring to Reimbursement

Increased Practice Revenue

Unlock new revenue streams effortlessly with SenSights.AI’s comprehensive monitoring support. Our team ensures that daily monitoring adheres to Medicare requirements, providing peace of mind for providers. With robust FDA-approved devices, we collect critical  patient biometrics  accurately and reliably, maximizing reimbursement potential. Our dedicated team manages all aspects of daily monitoring, guaranteeing compliance and accurate reporting. Moreover, our seasoned billing specialists streamline the reimbursement process, from claims submission to auto-billing enrollment, empowering your staff to prioritize patient care.

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