LocateMotion Gets NSERC Grant to Develop Wandering Tech Solution

Tech startup LocateMotion received Canadian government grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). The grant will help the tech startup continue developing their GPS tracker for elderly and children who wander. The grant was awarded February 27, 2018 and serves as the companies first round of funding.

The specifics of the grant refer to, “Finding Lost and Mentally Impaired Patients Through Smart Devices and Algorithms.” LocateMotion presently has a solution available, the Caregiver Watch, which tracks and locates loved ones and patients who wander.

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NSERC Grant Supports Need to Find Timely Tech Solution for Wandering

Wandering is a serious issue for elderly people with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or diseases that cause moments of cognitive impairment, such as diabetes or seizures. The Caregiver Watch solution can also be vital for autistic children who wander as well.

Presently 50 to 60 percent of elderly and children with cognitive disorders wander. Wandering can cause injury and even death. For instance, children with autism are often attracted to water when they wander.

The NSERC grant provides the support needed to continue developing smart solutions helping families “Stay Together.”

LocateMotion Customer Testimonial

GPS Tracker Caregiver Watch Delivers Features to Keep Loved Ones Safe

The Caregiver Watch is an IoT tech solution to wandering. It is a smartwatch wearable for elderly and children who may wander. The smartwatch is also synced to the LocateMotion iOS/Android app. This allows caregivers to track and locate loved ones who are missing. 

The smartwatch for wandering also has a variety of features that improves the daily lives of the wearer as well. It gives those who wear it the independence and respect they deserve, regardless of age or disease.

Caregivers also get the support they need, all in one place. They can track and locate loved ones or patients, schedule activities and reminders, catch up via camera and chat, and set geofencing alerts.

LocateMotion Customer Testimonial

What Makes LocateMotion GPS Tracker Different?

For loved ones reaching in-facility care, the Caregiver Watch can delay the process and keep families together longer. With features that improve the quality of life for both loved ones and caregivers, elderly can stay at home longer.

This IoT smartwatch also has health monitoring features that can be essential for at home care. Loved ones are connected 24/7 via SIM and mobile carrier plan. Also 3G/4G wireless connectivity via a cell provider.

The NSERC grant will allow the LocateMotion development team to continue innovation for the product. Wandering is a serious problem that can impact those who wander, their loved ones, and the echelon of care needed to ensure a safe return.

LocateMotion aims to be the “Find Company” of the future. The NSERC grant is the first big step at facilitating a solution for wandering and associated health dangers. Funding is still needed. If you are interested in investing in a tech startup aiming to solve a vital health issue, contact us today via the investor relations page.

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